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CT Scanning

The Aquilion 16 scanner allows for the simultaneous capture of 16 wafer-thin images of the desired area within seconds. Incorporating computer technology, the images are used to produce three-dimensional visualizations of internal organs and structures.

Healthcare providers often use CT scans to noninvasively diagnose medical problems that aren't easily detectable from normal physical examinations. CT scans use an X-ray generating device that rotates around your body and a very powerful computer to create cross-sectional images, like slices, of the inside of your body.

Unlike MRI, CT scans can be done even if you have a pacemaker or an internal cardioverter defibrillator - devices implanted in your chest to help regulate your heartbeat. However, if you're pregnant or suspect you might be, tell your provider.

CT scans may be recommended to help detect internal injuries and internal bleeding, pinpoint the location of a tumor, infection or blood clot, guide procedures such as surgery, biopsy and radiation, detect and monitor diseases such as cancer or heart disease, diagnose muscle and bone disorders, such as bone tumors and fractures.