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South Lincoln Medical Center
  • A distant view of South Lincoln Medical Center and the community
  • Three health professionals are folding their arms and are prepared for upcoming tasks
  • A doctors hand is placed over a patient's hand in comfort
  • A young woman is smiling and comforting a young girl with a teddy bear
  • A doctor is smiling and standing beside a smiling young boy
  • A pregnant young woman is getting a check-up. The doctor is using a stethoscope to listen for her baby
  • A doctor is providing and explaining information to a patient's family
  • A medical professional is pointing at a clipboard and explaining information to a patient
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One Constant - Quality of Healthcare

Though the past years have brought changes, advances and additions to the facility and campus known as South Lincoln Medical Center, one constant has remained: the quality of healthcare.

"Our mission here at SLMC is to provide world class healthcare close to home. We feel we are accomplishing that goal. For a community the size of Kemmerer/Diamondville/Frontier,
we have an incredible facility with all the amenities of the major medical centers in larger cities, but we offer more individual attention that wouldn't be given in the larger facilities."

Need a doctor?

When you are feeling "under the weather"...

We are concerned with restoring, promoting, and maintaining your health

One of our highly qualified physicians can help!

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