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Digital Mammography at SLMC

South Lincoln Medical Center has converted to digital mammography. The hospital received a grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust and upgraded its mammography services. The grant was used to purchase a state-of-art digital mammography unit. An upgrade to the radiology workstations, mammography room and patient changing area is in progress.

Similar to a digital camera, a digital mammogram instantly produces a clear image that can then be magnified, enhanced and manipulated, improving the chances of detecting subtle abnormalities. In many cases, digital mammograms are able to pinpoint more serious cancers earlier, meaning treatment can begin sooner.

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South Lincoln Medical Center understands the desire family members and patients have to conduct online health research. Below you will find a research library to tens of thousands of health sources where you may read and examine health topics of interest to you.

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On Monday July 17, 2017 the South Lincoln Hospital District Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of CEO Kenneth Archer. Mr. Archer had served as CEO of South Lincoln Medical Center since January 2015. The board has requested that the CEO position be posted as soon as possible. During the meeting, the board appointed Kristin Housley, Jessie Wilcox, and Scott Erickson to serve as an interim Administrative Management Team during this time of transition. The Board is confident that the Interim Management Team has the ability and experience necessary to handle the continued operation for all facilities including hospital, EMS, clinic, nursing home, and retail pharmacy. They will continue to work closely with the board to effectively enact the vision and mission the board has set for the organization. The board would like to thank the providers and each employee of South Lincoln Medical Center for their continued efforts compassionately caring for the medical needs of our community.