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Picture of Physical Therapist Trent and patient Charlene Smith smiling.

Therapy Testimonials

Jaimie Kennedy
"I really appreciate the help building strength and giving me the ability to decrease my pain levels."

Barbara J Ropelato
"I feel I improved and feel much stronger. I would recommend the therapy here."

"We had a great experience with the physical therapy team. The staff and physical therapists were great to work with and very knowledgeable. It was great to see him work one on one and have answers to all our questions."

Char McLean
"I feel better then before surgery. Total Knee Replacement."

Susan McDaniel
"All the staff is so very helpful and encouraging. Marty did most of my therapy and was amazing at explaining the processes involved. So interesting and useful in keeping me on track with my home exercises! A thousand thanks!!"

Cathy Daneluk
"The PT team is excellent. They taught me a lot. Very satisfied with my treatment plan and also how I was treated. Great bunch of people to work with. I definitely would recommend them."

Marie A Ourada
"I always hated PT and have quite a few times - But going to SLMC and having Trent as a Physical Therapist has been great - He explained a lot and is good to talk to. I only did ½ hours sessions and that was perfect for me at my age and patience.
Thank You"

Vernona Winegar
"I want you to know that Lexie Edstrom in the SLMC Therapy department is a very wonderful person. All the people that work there treat everyone so good. She helped me so much when I was really down. Our hospital is so lucky to have this rehab center. Please treat all of them as kind as they treat all of your patients.
Thank You,
Vernona Winegar"

David Palkow
"I went from a model A to a supped up sports car!! PT has made a huge difference in my recovery, I would recommend this for all Post Covid patients."

Stacey Sherman
"My ankle feels so much better after completing Physical Therapy. They are very knowledgeable and give great exercises and advice to heal as quickly as possible."

Mary Elaine Barnes
"I enjoy shoveling snow and vacuuming. I know if I keep doing my exercises, I can avoid surgery"

Daniel R Varga
"Everything was great! Back to doing everything I was doing before."

Charles Ferrarini
"Treatments resulted in knee improving significantly. Appreciate the professionalism and courtesy of the staff. Extremely satisfied with the results."

Charlene Smith
"I recently had the opportunity to use a Physical Therapist thru SLMC. Trent was my PT therapist. I must send a large thank you to him. I feel like he saved my life. It has been a rough couple of years. My son died in 2019. It totally destroyed me. I began substituting my loss with sugar. Needless to say it took a toll on my body. In February of 2020 I needed a hip replacement. Everything went well with the surgery but COVID was a new addition to our lives. Not doing the exercising I needed and continuing to eat sugar uncontrollably, I got to the point that I could no longer climb stairs. In August of 2020, I was diagnosed with sugar diabetes. In an effort to move on, I started PT with Trent in September. I worked with him twice a week. He gave me the encouragement to get up and move. I was always saying "I can not do that". He encouraged me all the time and I slowly learned to believe in myself. It was a long haul, but I am happy to say my hip works and my sugar diabetes numbers have gone back down. I would encourage anyone that needs PT to definitely check out Trent at SLMC."