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South Lincoln Medical Center

711 Onyx Street | Kemmerer, WY 83101
Phone: 307-877-4401
Fax: 307-877-3236

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A distant view of the mountains and trees

Our Community

Welcome to Kemmerer, Diamondville, and Frontier, where the spirit of the frontier lives on. Hollywood called it the Wild West. The real pioneers came to Kemmerer, Diamondville, and Frontier and built a community with their bare hands.

Our ancestors came to the western part of Wyoming by wagon train, horseback, and on foot. They came to dig coal out of the hills and work the land. They came alone and built a community by themselves. That community and the frontier spirit that created it is thriving.

Local Info

The Rotary Club
The City of Kemmerer

Area Schools

Lincoln School District
Western Wyoming Community College

Local Attractions

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Fossil Butte National Monument

Real Estate

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Statistics / Economy

Lincoln County Profile
Kemmerer, WY Population And Demographics
Kemmerer, WY